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If you are enrolled in a Trust plan that also covers a spouse, domestic partner and/or child(ren): The Trust is conducting a Dependent Eligibility review to make sure all dependents enrolled in your health plan with the Sound Health & Wellness Trust are eligible for coverage. All participants with dependents enrolled in plan coverage are required to provide certain documentation to confirm their enrolled dependent’s eligibility status.

The Trust has contracted the services of Secova, Inc. to manage the project. Secova has more than 24 years of experience administering dependent eligibility verifications and will provide participants with confidential support and resources throughout the process. The mailing you received from Secova has instructions and an FAQ on how to submit the required information and confirm your dependent’s eligibility status under the plan. All required documentation must be submitted to Secova by Sept. 3, 2015. If proper documentation is not provided by the deadline, your dependent’s coverage will be terminated. If you have questions about the project, please call Secova at 1-888-926-5688. Representatives are available Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. PDT.