Develop a Personal Plan for Healthy Living

The Personal Health Assessment is a quick, simple, confidential annual questionnaire that gives you an immediate snapshot of your current health and health risks, and gives you a personal plan for healthy living.

Each year, Sound Health & Wellness Trust participants and covered spouses 18 years of age and older have an opportunity to take their Personal Health Assessment to earn Health Reimbursement Arrangement funding, if eligible. Taking the PHA is one step to help you avoid a higher deductible and to learn more about your health status.

Quick and Confidential

The assessment begins with a quick questionnaire that you can fill out online, or by requesting a paper copy to be mailed to your home. Your responses to the questions are completely confidential, protected by federal law, and cannot be shared with the Trust, your union or your employer without your permission.

Useful Information, Instantly

The process takes about 15 minutes, and the moment it’s complete, the online system performs an instant analysis and presents you with your very own profile that not only rates your current health status, but projects your potential future health problems as well.

More Health Options

When you submit your Personal Health Assessment, you may also qualify for Health Coaching or Condition Management services, designed to deliver high-quality, personalized support for better health. These programs are offered at no additional cost to you, and are a great way to get extra support.

The Personal Health Assessment is provided by WebMD ONE Health Management, an independent health management service provider.