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Each of these Trust participants came to Sound Support programs a different way. But what they have in common is the difference new healthy habits have had on their wellbeing and quality of life.

Kim Adams, LiveWell Health Coach

For one participant, Health Coaching has been a way to check in and stay grounded while her personal life stretched her to the limit.

Sometimes, life can put a lot of things on our shoulders at once. It’s a good thing LiveWell Health Coaching through the Trust is available to help support you as you navigate the challenges.

For one participant, Health Coaching has been a way to check in and stay grounded while her personal life stretched her to the limit. Five years ago, Kim lost her husband. In the time since a family member has struggled with substance abuse. The stress compounded, and she had a minor stroke. Through it all, she kept up her calls with her LiveWell Health Coach.

“I was working with a Health Coach before all the stress,” said Kim, “and it was great to have a coach there to check in and stay motivated as I created new ways to cope.”

Kim's 15-minute calls took place every other month and she credits her coach for motivating her to continue on her stress reduction exercise plan of walking. She has a two-mile loop and another 4.3-mile loop she walks in her neighborhood – she knows the miles exactly because she always wears her fitness tracker, which she also earns HRA funding for.

Walking became an outlet, and Kim has had the added benefit of improving her health. She was able to get off the cholesterol medication she had been taking and lost 50 pounds. As a way to celebrate how far she’s come, last April, Kim and a friend hiked much of the 518-mile Camino de Santiago in northwestern Spain.

“We supplemented with other transportation, but backpacked 330 miles of the journey,” recounted Kim. She even wore her FitBit in Spain, so she will earn maximum HRA credit for her steps.

Kim used her experience with Health Coaching to create a holistic, personal plan to move forward from traumatic events. She wants to remind her fellow participants to work on one thing at a time, so you get the full benefit, stressing that it’s important to follow through on the goals you set with your coach.

“Each small decision to make a change adds up, and these changes are compounded over time,” she said. Each year, she takes her husband’s birthday and day of death off from work to go do something that reminds her to live life and live it well. Now, she’s getting ready for another big trip – this time she’s going skydiving.

Maureen Williams, LiveWell Health Coaching

For Maureen Williams, a Trust participant who works at Fred Meyer in Covington, making a connection with a LiveWellHealth Coach came at just the righttime.

With an upcoming family reunion in Guyana – her first visit home in five years – having someone on her side has proven to be the boost she needed. But her first call with her coach didn’t start with a focus on her health.

“First, I wanted to talk about loneliness,” says Maureen. This normal feeling is something we all suffer from sometimes, especially when we’re far away from family and friends, and reaching out for support is so important.Maureen’s coach encouraged her to go out and do things and make plans with her local friends, especially during the darker months.

Maureen was encouraged by this experience, and started taking her coach’s advice with diet and exercise, too. She’s decided to replace her evening snack with a green juice, for example, and is getting more exercise.

“I’m not doing any weighing, but my clothes fit better,” she exclaims.

Now that the trip is coming soon, Maureen is excited to show family members her best, healthy self.

With LiveWell Health Coaching from the Trust, you can set your own goals for improving your diet, getting more exercise, losing weight, reducing stress – whatever your health goal. It’s all about what’s most important to you. Are you ready to take the first step?

Jerry Guenther, LiveWell Health Coaching

For Trust participant Jerry Guenther, receiving positive reinforcement from a LiveWell Health Coach was the key to creating new healthy habits for retirement and beyond.

“I believe good information empowers people to make the best decisions,” says Jerry. For him,the information received during his Health Coaching calls reinforced recommendations given by his doctors about diet and other lifestyle choices, while also helping him become a more informed patient and advocate for himself and his family.

LiveWell Health Coaches are available to offer support and encouragement for a range of issues we all face in life, such as getting enough exercise, developing strategies around healthy eating and managing stress. Support is available to help you make big changes or just refine your habits. No need to find time in your busy schedule or try to schedule calls yourself. Health Coaches schedule calls at times that work for you, at a frequency that keeps you motivated.

“I never felt forgotten,” says Jerry. “I never had to pursue my coach and they were flexible. If they called at an inconvenient time for me we made arrangements for a more convenient time.

Today, Jerry is seeing the results of his work with his health coach. His family is now reading the labels on all food – which changed their purchases and diets. Reflecting on other takeaways from the program, Jerry says, “Education is empowering. Reminders are reinforcing, motivating and encouraging.”

What changes are you looking to make? Positive support works for people of all ages and can be a great way to build new habits. LiveWell Health Coaches are here to help you and your family transition to a new, healthy lifestyle.

LiveWell Health Coaching is completely confidential, open to all eligible participants and spouses, 18 years of age or older, and is provided by StayWell, an independent health management service provider. Visit to learn more and find out how to get started.

Peter Gemma, LiveWell Health Coaching

For many of us, the hard part about making a change is creating a new routine. For Trust participant Peter Gemma, 57, a health coach served as a guide for him to make lasting changes to his life.

Peter’s coach helped him recognize his personal challenges and put in place new ways of approaching them.

“What I realized is ‘I don’t feel like it’ isn’t a valid excuse,” he said.

For Peter, working with a health coach helped him add in more exercise and better food choices and encouraged him to go to routine medical appointments so he can stay on top of health concerns. His coach helped him stay focused on how to stay well, stop any health issues before they become problems, and adopt new, healthier habits.

Today, Peter says he notices right away if he loses focus, and has seen that variations in his routine can make staying on top of his diet and exercise plan a challenge.

“I just got back from a family wedding and I wasn’t perfect,” he laughs. “But I feel better if I stay on top of things. My advice to others: don’t ignore the signs that you need to make a change.”

If you want to make healthy changes to your routines, the Trust is here to help. Call (877) 362-9969 and select option 3 to find out more and sign up for LiveWell Health Coaching. You'll receive personalized telephone support and encouragement as you work toward your health goals.

Dale Johnson, Quit for Life

For Dale Johnson of Shoreline, the support of LiveWell Quit for Life came after an event in his life encouraged him to make a change. Read on for his story.

For Dale Johnson of Shoreline, the support of LiveWell Quit for Life came after a scary event in his life: in August of 2015, he had a heart attack and spent four days in the hospital. Johnson, a father of three, recently retired from Sugar Mountain Capital as a facility manager, where he worked for 13 years. Once he was home and healing, he signed up for Quit for Life through the Sound Health & Wellness Trust. “It was a wake-up call,” says Johnson.

Having the support of his Quit Coach, plus access to tobacco cessation medication, was crucial to Johnson’s success. His Quit Coach provided encouragement and tools to cope with cravings, but his family—including his wife, Mary, and sons Jonathan (22), Jason (13) and Joshua (12)—was his true inspiration. Spending less time smoking meant he could have more time with them, even just hanging out.

“I was always a bit of an embarrassed smoker,” says Johnson, explaining that he felt guilty when he had to get away to smoke during family get-togethers. “Now, the smell really gets to me,” says Johnson. “It’s so nice not to have to sneak away for a cigarette.”

Today, Johnson is back in the swing of things, but this time without tobacco. Food tastes better, his overall health is improving and Johnson is feeling the guilt lift. He now uses mints to help with his cravings, and has appreciated the support of his Quit Coach through it all.

“The positive thoughts and follow-up calls really helped me believe I could do it,” he says.

Are you ready to quit tobacco? Visit, click LiveWell Programs and select LiveWell Quit for Life. Make your tobacco use history, too.

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