Seasonal tips for making the most of your virtual care options.

Spring brings a host of seasonal illnesses from allergies and insect bites to more serious conditions like sinus infections and asthma – all of which can be addressed virtually. Whether you’re a PPO Plan participant or a Kaiser Permanente Plan participant, you can get convenient, confidential virtual care – fully paid for by the Trust, without any co-insurance costs for your visit.

  • Help Identifying Allergies
    Not sure if that persistent sniffle is a cold or allergies? It can be hard to tell the difference, especially if you or a family member have never experienced allergies before. Through a quick virtual care consultation, a physician can answer your questions, and help you get the relief you need – including prescribing medications if necessary.
  • Bug Bites and Skin Rashes
    Warmer weather and longer days mean increased time outside – and exposure to bugs like spiders and ticks, and plants like poison oak. Virtual care physicians can help identify common bites and rashes through pictures and video consultation from your PC, tablet or smart phone – all from the convenience of your home.
  • Sinus Infections
    Allergies and spring colds can sometimes turn into more serious conditions like a sinus infection. Some sinus infections clear up on their own, but often antibiotics are necessary. How do you know if you need antibiotics? A virtual care physician will go over your symptoms with you, help determine if antibiotics are needed, and call in the prescription to your local pharmacy.

For PPO Plan participants and eligible family members:

The Trust has partnered with Doctor On Demand™ to provide convenient and confidential virtual medical care services right from your computer or smart phone.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Doctor On Demand™ for convenience and peace of mind. If needed, schedule a follow-up with your Primary Care Physician at a later date.