Your Own In-Person Guardian Nurse for Your Healthcare Needs 

The Sound Health & Wellness Trust Board of Trustees are pleased to announce a new program starting in February 2020 – Guardian Nurses’ Mobile Care Coordinators (MCC). This new program is fully paid for by the Trust for all covered family members. Our team of MCC registered nurses, through Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates, will identify members who could benefit from in person assistance and need help with a healthcare issue.

Your Mobile Care Coordinator will be able to:

  • Be your guide, coach and advocate for any healthcare issue
  • Identify providers for all care needs and second opinions
  • Make appointments so you can be seen as quickly as possible
  • Go with you to see doctors, to ask questions and to get answers
  • Explain a new diagnosis to help you make informed decisions
  • Provide decision support when you are thinking about treatments or surgery
  • Visit you in the hospital and at home to assess your care needs
  • Get things you need such as healthcare equipment

Watch for more detailed information about this great new program in January.