Trustworthy Health Information Whenever You Need It

When it comes to health information, you need a source you can trust.

The Sound Health & Wellness Trust’s LiveWell Nurse Line gives you direct access to trained registered nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, at no cost to you. Call any time and knowledgeable, experienced nurses will confidentially help you find reliable information to help you make informed healthcare decisions.

Why Call a Nurse Line?

With the LiveWell Nurse Line, you can:

  • Resolve your health concerns.
  • Care for minor illnesses and injuries at home.
  • Prepare for doctor visits.
  • Understand prescription medications.
  • Make lifestyle choices to improve your health.
  • Make informed decisions about tests and procedures.
  • Determine if you need to go to the emergency room.
  • Get resources on nutrition, exercise, weight loss, immunizations, quitting smoking and more.

The LiveWell Nurse Line is provided by OptumHealth, an independent health management service provider. All calls are confidential.

The LiveWell Nurse Line is an educational resource and not intended to constitute healthcare. If you have any concerns about your health, you should consult with your physician, visit urgent care if after office hours, or in an emergency, call 911 or visit the emergency room.