Ways to stay on top of your health during the pandemic

If you live with a chronic condition, you already know how important it is to follow your doctor’s advice and take care of yourself. But managing your condition during this pandemic is more important than ever, especially if you have a condition that could increase your risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Keeping your condition well-managed and avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital or emergency room can help reduce the chance of exposure to the coronavirus.

What to Do to Stay Well

  1. Pay attention to your health. Keep track of how you feel, and your symptoms. If you experience new symptoms, call your doctor right away.
  2. Make use of virtual visits. If your chronic condition makes you high risk, not having in-person appointments may be best right now. Though that doesn’t mean you need to skip appointments or avoid medical care altogether. If you need to see a doctor, try an online visit or see if you can speak with your doctor over the phone. If you must go into the doctor’s office, be sure to follow recommended safety guidelines before, during and after your visit.
  3. Keep taking prescribed medications. Now is not the time to skip your medication or make any major changes on your own. Talk to your doctor about having an emergency supply of medication so you don’t have to keep going to the pharmacy if you are concerned about the risk of exposure.
  4. Find ways to stay active and reduce stress. Take advantage of the cooler weather by getting outside for a walk, run or bike ride. If you are stuck indoors, there are still ways to exercise, like using a free home workout app, putting on some music and dancing in your living room, or doing calisthenics.
  5. Get support from the Trust. To help participants manage their health, the Trust offers Condition Management programs for eligible employees and their covered spouses 18 years of age and older, who have been diagnosed with a qualifying chronic condition.

The most important things you can do during this pandemic: stay healthy by working closely with your doctor, pay attention to new symptoms, and if you smoke or use tobacco, consider quitting.


Source: www.OwnYourHealthWA.org