Support for Trust Participants with Chronic Health Conditions

The Living Well with Chronic Conditions program is a series of proven, no-cost workshops to assist people living with chronic conditions. The program increases confidence in managing chronic conditions, improves health status, and reduces healthcare use and costs.

The Living Well with Chronic Conditions workshops are available at no-cost to all Sound Health & Wellness Trust participants with the Kaiser Permanente Plan, 18 years of age and older. To inquire about our workshops call (800) 992-2279 or visit for more information or log into Kaiser Permanente Online Member Services.

In-Person Support

Living Well with Chronic Conditions is offered through a series of two- and half-hour workshops over six weeks. Specially trained volunteer facilitators who have personal experience managing a chronic condition lead the workshops, which are structured around a formal curriculum that emphasizes problem solving, decision-making, and confidence building. The curriculum addresses generic topics and skills that are relevant to managing any chronic condition.

Topics include:

  • Techniques to deal with frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
  • Exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Appropriate use of medications
  • Making informed treatment decisions
  • Communicating effectively with health professionals
  • Healthy eating
  • Disease-related problem solving
  • Advance directives

Participants learn new methods and skills to manage their diseases and work effectively with their health care providers. Participants are invited to bring a family member or friend to support their efforts.

When you register for the in person workshops, you will receive a confirmation letter and/or email from LiveWell. Once your registration is received and you are confirmed in a workshop. Please note that workshops can fill quickly and sometimes people will be put on a waitlist. You will also receive a phone call the week before the workshop starts from one of the workshop facilitators who will remind you of the workshop and answer any questions. The companion book will be available from them the first session of the workshop and costs $15.00.

Online Workshops

Similar to the in-person workshops, online workshops take about two hours a week and are a highly interactive six-week program. Two peer facilitators lead the workshops with new lessons posted each week. Participants can log on when they are able; there isn’t a set class time. With the online workshops you can explore a learning center, create a plan of action, participate in the discussion and receive advice and guidance.

To enroll in the Living Well with Chronic Conditions Workshops, the Diabetes Workshops, or the Chronic Pain Workshops, for online or in-person workshops, visit the Kaiser Permanente website.

When you sign up for the online workshops and select a start date for a workshop, you will receive an email from Once you have logged in to the first session of the workshop, a copy of the companion book will be mailed to you.

Proven Results

The Chronic Conditions Workshops have been evaluated in randomized controlled trials. In a study of 952 people with various chronic conditions, the group that participated in the program experienced significant improvements in health behaviors, self-efficacy and health status. They had fewer hospitalizations and visits to the emergency department one year after the program. These improvements led to a net savings of $750 per year per participant. Additional studies have shown similar results. (Lorig et al. 1999)