Stay Healthy. Save Money.

To fight the rapidly rising costs of prescription drugs, the Trust’s therapeutically based prescription plan includes a “Tier 0”. For the highly cost-effective medications under Tier 0, you pay nothing when using a Trust Custom Network Pharmacy (PDF).

Tier 0 drugs are medications that have been proven to be safe and effective for many people, and can provide similar benefits to other more expensive brand and generic drugs at a substantially lower price.

Prescriptions Under Tier 0 Include:

  • Cholesterol lowering medications (Simvastatin – all strengths and Rosuvastatin calcium – only 5 mg & 10 mg)
  • Proton pump inhibitor (Omeprazole)
  • Non-sedating antihistamines (Loratadine and Loratadine D)
  • Treatment of diabetes (Metformin and Lancets)

What You Can Do:

  • Talk to your doctor about appropriate medication choices for your condition.
  • If your physician believes that you are one of the majority of patients appropriately treated with one of the $0 co-payment drugs listed above, ask him or her for a written prescription, even if the medication is over-the-counter.
  • Pick up your prescription at one of the Trust Custom Network Pharmacies – at no cost to you!

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