Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you have further questions please call the Trust office at (206) 282-4500 or (800) 225-7620. Or email us.

General Questions

What do I do if my address changes, if I get married, divorced, have a child or adopt a child?

If you need to change your address, phone number, or email address click here to go to MySoundHealth. If you have changes to your family coverage, call the Trust at (206) 282-4500 or (800) 225-7620.

How do I file a claim or appeal?

If you wish to file a claim for medical, dental, vision, and weekly disability (time loss) benefits or if you are dissatisfied with an eligibility determination, benefit denial, or partial benefit award or any other adverse benefit determination by the Trust, you must follow the appropriate procedures. Click on the link below for all the details. Call the Trust at (206) 282-4500 or (800) 225-7620 with any questions.

What can I do if I am encountering problems viewing the Sound Health & Wellness website?

If you are viewing the website using Internet Explorer 6 or older you may encounter issues viewing the website. Please visit to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.


What is MySoundHealth?

This is the password-protected section of the web site for Sound Health & Wellness Trust participants. It allows you to log in once to securely view different types of personal information. This functionality requires you to log in and register for a User Name and Password.

What information can I view with MySoundHealth?

Once you log in with your User Name and Password, you will be able to access:

  • Personal health information, eligibility, work history, claim history and pension information (if applicable)
  • Online resources and tools
  • Quit For Life®
  • Health Reimbursement information

You must log in to to access:

  • Health Profile
  • Online resources and tools

How do I get a User Name and Password?

Click the “Register” button on the home page. Fill in the requested information and choose your user name and password.

Health Profile (HP)

Should I complete the Health Profile if I’m already healthy?

Definitely. Although genetics and environment play important roles in your health, your habits and behaviors cannot only affect the way you feel today, they can also contribute to a longer, healthier life. So even if you feel great, taking the health profile may uncover valuable information that can help you enjoy even better health.

How often can I submit a Health Profile?

The Health Profile can be completed at any time. You and your covered spouse must complete and submit a Health Profile each and every year within a specific time period to receive part of your HRA funding. You can go to to take the Health Profile.

What if I already took my Health Profile, do I need to take it again to receive my full HRA funding?

To receive part of your HRA funding you must take your Health Profile once a year, every year within a specific timeframe. If you and your spouse complete the Health Profile you will receive partial HRA funding. Please note that you must complete all required steps to receive full HRA funding.

What happens if I do not complete the Health Profile? What happens if my enrolled spouse does not complete the Health Profile?

When you, as the employee participant, complete the Health Profile, update your contact information and chose or confirm your PCP during the available time period, up to $300 will be credited to your HRA account. If you have an enrolled spouse, when they take the Health Profile during the available time period, the same amount will also be credited to your HRA account. If you and your eligible spouse do not take the Health Profile, your deductible will be higher.

Why is it important to take the Health Profile?

The Trust is continuing to encourage and reward healthy behaviors among our plan participants. We want to get as much participation as possible in our wellness programs. These programs are designed to give employees and their families direct access to the medical expertise, information and personalized support they need to make better health decisions and enjoy healthier, happier lives. With healthier employees and families come lower medical costs, which allows us to continue offering excellent medical coverage.

What if I don’t know the answers to all of the questions?

If you don’t know some of the answers to the questions (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.), you may leave them blank. The only required screening measurements on the Health Profile are height and weight. However, the more questions you answer, the more tailored and useful your results will be.

How soon after I take my Health Profile will the additional credit show up in my HRA account?

When you and/or your covered spouse complete the Health Profile and complete any other necessary steps, the additional credit will be put into your HRA the beginning of the following calendar year.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Any information you supply is completely confidential, protected by federal law, and cannot be shared with the Sound Health & Wellness Trust, the union or your employer without your permission.

Based on your answers to the questions in the Health Profile, you may be contacted by phone or mail to participate in a number of other voluntary LiveWell programs that are relevant to your situation and health status. For example, you may be contacted about a quit smoking program, a health coaching program to work on a particular area of concern such as exercise or nutrition, or a program to help manage a chronic condition such as diabetes.

Please be aware that information on your health status and health conditions is shared only with the independent service providers that manage the LiveWell programs. By law, your health information cannot be used to determine or deny health care coverage. Your health information is completely confidential, protected by federal law, and cannot be shared with the Trustees, your union or your employer without your permission.

How do I take the Health Profile?

Simply go online to Once you’re registered with the site and you’ve upgraded your account to get access to all the site offers, you can take the Health Profile. Then follow the instructions to complete your profile. When you’ve finished, click “Submit,” and your personal plan will be displayed online in just a few moments.

If you need assistance, you can print these step-by-step instructions.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Will I receive a debit card to use for my Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)?

Though many HRA programs use a debit card, your Trust HRA does not require one. Please see “How is the HRA administered?” below for more details.

Who do I contact with questions about my HRA?

The Trust office at Zenith American Solutions manages the administration of your HRA account. You can call the Trust office directly at (800) 225-7620, select option 2 then option 1, with any questions about your HRA.

What is the purpose of the HRA and how does it benefit me?

The HRA gives participants extra funds to provide first dollar coverage for the majority of their eligible medical care expenses. Not until you have exhausted your HRA funds will you have to pay your deductible. Having an HRA can help you become more aware of the true cost of health care and empower you with greater control over your own health care spending, as well as helping you avoid a higher deductible each year. Also, any unused funds roll over to the next year, as long as you remain eligible in the Plan.

How does my HRA work?

Participants hired after December 3, 2010, who are covered under the Sound Plan and have worked for 12 months are eligible to receive HRA funding. SoundPlus participants are eligible to receive HRA funding on their first month of eligibility under the Trust.

HRA funding is received after you and your eligible spouse (if married) complete several steps, including taking your Health Profile when it is offered – including updating your contact information, and notifying the Trust of your selected primary care provider, and completing other health related actions. The maximum annual HRA funding is $500 for employee only coverage and $1,000 for family coverage.

Your HRA funds are used to offset part of your medical plan deductible and potentially the cost of other eligible medical expenses throughout the year. When you receive medical services, the bill will be submitted to the Trust, then any HRA eligible expenses will go directly to your HRA for automatic payment—with no claim forms, bills or hassles for you. Your online HRA account will show your activity as well as your balance.

What is covered under the HRA?

HRA funds are used to cover eligible medical expenses for such things as your doctor office visits, lab tests, x-rays, emergency room co-pays, in-network co-insurance or other eligible, covered medical expenses. For SoundPlus participants, out-of-network benefits are also covered.

What is not covered under the HRA?

The HRA is not used for prescription, dental or vision benefits. For Sound Plan participants, the HRA is not used for out-of-network benefits. The HRA is not used for in-network provider preventive care like wellness visits and mammograms that are already covered in full through Prevention @ 100%. The deductible is not covered by the HRA either. However, you will only have to pay the deductible once your HRA is exhausted.

How is the HRA administered?

When you go to a medical care provider, the provider sends a claim to the Trust. The Trust will first determine if the claim is payable from your HRA. If it is, the claim will automatically be sent to the HRA for payment. At this point, if you have adequate money in your fund, your HRA will pay your doctor for your claim. If the HRA is used up, then the plan will pay its portion of the bill after the deductible is met.

What should I do if I think a mistake was made and something was paid or denied on my HRA account?

Contact the Trust office directly at (800) 225-7620, select option 2 then option 1, with any questions about your HRA.

Are non-covered benefits eligible to be paid by the HRA?

No, only covered medical benefits can be paid by the HRA.

If I don’t use my HRA this year, does it carry over into next year?

Yes. Unused funds in a calendar year are rolled over into the next year as long as you maintain your benefit eligibility status. (The amounts rolled over may be lower if you are a participant for less than the full year). The better you manage your health and cost of health services this year, the more money you’ll have left in your HRA to roll over to next year.

Who funds the HRA account?

Sound Health & Wellness Trust funds each participant’s HRA, if they qualify.

My EOB shows HRA/deductible. How can I tell if it’s deductible or was covered by my HRA?

On your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements from Sound Health & Wellness Trust, you will see an “HRA/deductible” amount that includes your deductible plus your HRA amount. If you completed all the steps necessary to receive your full HRA funding, your HRA automatically pays for the first $500 (for employee only) or $1,000 (for family coverage) before any covered expenses are applied to your deductible. If you, and your eligible spouse (if married) did not take your Health Profile – including updating  your contact information and selecting a Primary Care Physician, you did not receive full HRA funding and your deductible will be higher.

If you have employee only coverage under the Sound Plan, and your medical deductible was $250 before, it appears on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) as your $250 deductible + your HRA amount, depending upon whether or not you completed the necessary steps to receive your HRA funding. If you completed all or some of the steps, you received partial to full funding and your HRA will automatically cover the first $150-$500 in covered medical expenses. You are responsible for paying the deductible.

Quit for Life®

How does the Quit For Life® Program work?

Once enrolled, Participants of the Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program have access to a professional coach who will help you develop a personalized quit plan via the Rally Coach app.

With Rally Coach, you can:

  • Get coach support – Talk with a live coach who will help create a personalized Quit Plan and guide you at every step.
  • Access anytime, anywhere – Manage your triggers with coach-led group sessions, trackers, text support and more, all at your fingertips.
  • View quit recommendations – Get real-life tips and plan your path to quit with recommended daily goals, articles, and videos.
  • Get help staying on track – Feel supported with nicotine replacement therapy such as gum and patches, if applicable and as determined by your coach.
  • Achieve long-term success – Discover coping tools that can help overcome cravings for good with ongoing coach support beyond your quit.

Who is eligible for the program?

The Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program is available to all Sound Health & Wellness Trust Kaiser Permanente Participants 13 years or older, as well as covered spouses 18 years of age or older.

How much does it cost to participate in the Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program?

Participants pay nothing for the program. The Trust is committed to helping our participants become free of tobacco, so  the Trust is fully subsidizing the cost of the Quit For Life® Program so that even the costs for nicotine patches or gum are fully covered at no cost to you.

If your Rally Coach (or doctor) decide you should use a prescription medication instead of patches or gum, contact WellDyne Member Services (800-373-1568) to find out what’s covered under your prescription drug benefit and what your co-payment would be.

Does the program include other forms of tobacco besides cigarettes?

The Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program is tailored to the needs of the participants whatever the tobacco type—cigarettes, vaping, cigars, pipes or even smokeless tobacco. Professionally trained Quit Coaches will work with the participant’s needs to design an effective quit plan.

Is there evidence that the Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program works?

OptumHealth, the network that includes the Quit for Life® Program, has helped more than 125,000 people successfully quit tobacco. In fact, Quit for Life®’s quit rate is more than twice as high as the standard established by the U.S. Public Health Service and more than eight times as high as quitting “cold turkey.”

The program was first validated in 1989 through a randomized clinical trial funded by the National Cancer Institute and the University of North Carolina. The study demonstrated that the combination of self-help materials and counseling boosted quit rates by 50 percent. The program has continued to conduct large, randomized trials to prove its methods and effectiveness over the years and has also received six consecutive awards from America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) for achievements in tobacco control initiatives.

Is participation in the Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program confidential?

Yes, participation is completely confidential. Neither Quit for Life®, Rally CoachTM or OptumHealth will share personal health information with the Trustees, your union, or your employer.

How does someone enroll in the Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM Program?

Enrollment is easy—call 1.800.462.5327 or go online to get started. You may also be contacted by phone or mail to participate A registration specialist will verify your eligibility to enroll and transfer you to a Quit Coach for an initial intervention. Once you sign up, you can download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Can I enroll again if I start using tobacco again?

Yes. We recognize that it often takes several attempts to quit tobacco for good, and that participants may start using tobacco again during the program. Participants are able to repeat the program a second time if necessary.

What are the hours can I use Rally Coach?

You can reach out for support via phone, video, chat or text anytime.

How long does the program last?

Programs are typically completed within two to six months, depending on how quickly you move through the process of quitting. However, the Quit Coaches will help you establish your new tobacco-free lifestyle and provide you with ongoing support for up to 12 months after you enroll.

What if I don’t have an email address?

Participants will need an email address to experience all that Web Coach has to offer. Once you set up your email account, you will then get access to the web site. Even if you don’t use Web Coach, you will still get all scheduled calls with a Quit Coach.

Do I need a smart phone to participate?

No. You can use a computer or smart phone (with the Rally Coach app installed) to access all of the Quit For Life® on Rally CoachTM features including group sessions, trackers, daily goals, articles and videos.

Do I have to attend classes?

No. All of your counseling sessions will take place over the telephone, text, or online through Rally Coach. This means you don’t have to try to find time for classes or trips to someone’s office. You can talk to a Quit Coach any day of the week – including weekends.

LiveWell Fit

What will I receive for participating in a LiveWell Fit event?

Covered participants who have 1.) Pre-registered with the event organizer, 2.) Notified the Trust at least one week before the event, and 3.) Signed a reimbursement form at the event will receive a fee reimbursement check in the mail for up to four events per calendar year. Be sure to keep your registration receipt after registering with the event organizer. Fees are different for different events, so your reimbursement will vary.

If eligible for a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) you may also earn HRA funding from $50 – $150, depending upon the event. Learn more about HRA funding.

In addition, we offer several mile marker rewards for participating. You can receive mile marker rewards as you participate in events.  After completing your first event, you will be at your first mile marker, and you will receive a LiveWell branded sunshield buff. Completing your second event will put you at your second mile marker and earns you a technical fabric t-shirt. Once you have completed your third event and reached your third mile marker, you’ll receive reimbursement for a fifth bonus LiveWell Fit event. Finally, when you participate in your fourth event and meet your fourth mile marker you will have the choice of receiving either a Polar M200 GPS Running Watch/GPS/Activity Tracker, a Fitbit, or reimbursement for a pair of new running/biking shoes (some limitations apply and see your Wellness Coordinators if you have any questions). Each calendar year, you are eligible to be reimbursed for up to four LiveWell Fit events, however, each mile marker reward is earned only once and does not start over each calendar year.

What is the Bring a Buddy program and how does it work?

If a covered Trust employee or covered spouse who has not participated in a LiveWell Fit event before registers for the same LiveWell Fit event as you as your “buddy,” you both will be entered in the Bring a Buddy raffle for the chance to win a $300 VISA gift card. You can be entered to win up to four times for bringing first time LiveWell Fit Trust participants to up to four LiveWell Fit events (you are eligible for one entry per event even if you bring multiple buddies). To be eligible you must both be registered, you must both notify the Trust a week before the event and you must both participate in the event. Please note that to be entered to win, participants must be 18 years or older.

Will my family’s fees be reimbursed for a LiveWell Fit event?

Yes, if your family member is covered under your Sound Health & Wellness Trust medical plan. Please note that a few races have age requirements. If you are unsure if your child or spouse is covered on your plan, please call the Trust’s eligibility department at (800) 225-7620 option 2 then option 2.

How can I be sure I will be reimbursed for my event registration fees?

Once you have registered for an event, and at least one week before your event, you must call the Trust office at 800-225-7620 option 2 then option 5. You must also attend and participate in the event. After filling out the reimbursement form and turning your registration fee receipt in to your Wellness Coordinator at the event, you can expect your reimbursement check in the mail in about three to four weeks. Please note that fees for Virtual Races are not eligible for reimbursement.

I purchased an event T-shirt or have other expenses associated with the event, will the Trust reimburse this amount as well?

No, only event registration fees will be reimbursed by the Trust.

I forgot my receipt at home; can I still turn it in for reimbursement?

Yes, you can mail in the completed reimbursement form you received at the event from the Trust’s Wellness Coordinator with your receipt after the event.

What if I can’t make it to the event that I registered for, will I still be reimbursed?

No, you must participate in the event to be eligible for reimbursement.

I registered for an event but forgot to call the Trust office to confirm my spot. Will I be reimbursed?

No, if you do not call the Trust one week prior to the event you will not be reimbursed.

This is my first event! How should I prepare?

Getting from the couch to your first 5K (PDF) is easier than you think! The Sound Health & Wellness Trust has personal and confidential health coaches available to you at no cost, to help you create a plan and meet your exercise goals. Call to begin working with a coach today: (877) 362-9969 option 3.

How will I find the Trust Wellness Coordinator at the event?

You will receive a confirmation email 1–2 days prior to your event notifying you of the meeting location and time. Look for the Sound Health & Wellness Trust signs. The Wellness Coordinator will be the person in the lime green hat.

What if an event I’m interested in is not on the list?

Gather a group of six Plan participants from your workplace and call the Trust office at (800) 225-7620 option 2 then option 5 (at least three weeks before the event) to become a team leader and request reimbursement for your group in your chosen event.

I would like to register for more than one event, is there a limit?

We love your enthusiasm! You can be reimbursed for to up to four events per calendar year. Though once you reach three events, we’ll reimburse you for a fifth event.

I would like to put together a LiveWell Fit event team at my workplace. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely! Call the Trust at (800) 225-7620 option 2 then option 5 to be put in touch with your regional Wellness Coordinator who can help you get a team started for the LiveWell Fit. Way to lead!