Your Primary Care Physician

Most people don’t want to think about finding a doctor unless they are feeling sick, but there are many benefits to taking the time to find a doctor you trust and can build a long-term relationship with.

The right Primary Care Physician (PCP) can help you stay healthy by providing personalized, supportive health care that supports your total well-being. Once called the family doctor, your PCP is your first contact when you have a health concern, and will provide your annual physical and preventive care like health screenings and immunizations. If you have an ongoing medical condition, they will provide continuing care and refer you to a specialist if needed. In addition to medical care, they can also advise you on nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

Your Primary Care Physician doesn’t just want to hear from you when you are sick — they are there to support your total health.


Before you select a PCP or change providers take a little time to decide what you need to feel supported and comfortable.

Focus on what you want

Are you looking for someone who can treat the whole family? Or do you have a chronic condition you need help managing? A five-star rating from a stranger will not always tell you if a doctor is right for you. Trust your feelings and personal preferences. Would you feel more comfortable with a provider who is the same gender as you? Older or younger?

Make a list

Ask friends, family and co-workers if they have a Primary Care Physician they like and why they like them. Jot down their names and do a little research. Google them and read the patient comments and ratings. Look for qualities such as:

  • Good listening
  • Communication (clear and easy to understand)
  • Team-oriented (will work with you as a partner)
  • Personable
  • Approach to care (conservative or aggressive)

Confirm your Provider is in-network

Once you have a list of possible providers, be sure to use the Trust’s online tools to make sure the doctors on your list are in your plan’s preferred network: www.soundhealthwellness.com/kp/benefits/find-a-provider.

It may take a bit of time to find the right Primary Care Physician for you, but a great PCP can be a great partner in your health.