WebMD ONE and Kaiser Online Member Services

Did you know you have an online source to help manage your everyday wellness? PPO and Kaiser Plan participants each have access to resources at your fingertips.

Kaiser Permanente Participants — Get to know Online Member Services

Kaiser Permanente Online Member Services is your online health and wellness source, where you can access your personal health information, as well as tools and resources to help you make creative, positive lifestyle changes. When you register, you can take advantage of Kaiser’s Healthwise® Knowledgebase and Condition Centers. You can also participate in discussion groups, access health tools and take quizzes. For your convenience, this is where you can choose a doctor, make appointments, and take your Health Profile. To get access to Online Member Services you’ll need to register online and complete a one-time ID verification process.

Log in to the MySoundHealth secure portal and click Sound Support → Kaiser Member Services to get started.

This is the second article in our “Where to turn for Sound Support” four-part series for 2022. You can view past series online at www.soundhealthwellness.com.