Autumn brings us back inside and back-to-school – making these locations petri dishes for germs. Once cold and flu bugs start circulating, they can make even the strongest among us sick and are potentially dangerous for people with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

Get a doctor’s opinion any time, day or night, with virtual care options available to Sound Health & Wellness Trust participants. Whether you’re a PPO Plan participant or a Kaiser Plan participant, you can get convenient, confidential virtual care – fully paid for by the Trust.

Virtual Care providers can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication if appropriate for any of the following:


Wondering if that bug is just a cold or something more serious? Find out with a quick virtual care consultation with a physician and get the relief you need – including any prescription medications if necessary.


Pink eye is a highly contagious and common eye infection that often occurs in children and their caretakers. The four main causes of pink eye are viruses, bacteria, allergens and irritants such as chlorine. Virtual care physicians can help determine what’s going on during a video consultation from your PC, tablet or smart phone – all from the convenience of your home.


Chickenpox is a childhood virus that covers the body in itchy, red spots. Not as common today, chickenpox still appears in school-age children who have not been vaccinated against it. In addition to its telltale red splotches, chickenpox also can cause fever and body aches. A virtual care physician will go over symptoms with you and help determine what care is needed for you to feel better, faster.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Doctor On Demand™ (PPO) or Online Visits (Kaiser) for convenience and peace of mind. If needed, schedule a follow-up exam with your Primary Care Physician.