Several highly cost-effective medications have a $0 co-pay when you use a Trust Custom Network Pharmacy.

Tier 0 Prescriptions

To offset the ever-growing cost of prescription drugs, the Trust’s prescription plan includes a “Tier 0”. Drugs in this tier require no co-pay, they have been proven to be safe and effective for many people, and they provide similar benefits to other more expensive brand and generic drugs.

When you have a physician’s prescription for the following Tier 0 drugs and have them filled at a Trust Custom Network Pharmacy, you pay nothing:

  • Cholesterol lowering medications (Simvastatin — all strengths and Rosuvastatin calcium — only 5 mg & 10 mg)
  • Proton pump inhibitor (Omeprazole)
  • Non-sedating antihistamines (Loratadine and Loratadine D)
  • Treatment of diabetes (Metformin and Lancets)

Certain other medications and vaccinations may be covered under Tier 0, such as influenza and COVID vaccines, which are also covered with zero copay. For a full list of all other covered medications and products, please visit the Trust’s website.

Ask your doctor if  you are a candidate for  treatment with one of the $0 co-payment drugs listed above. If so, ask them for a written prescription, even if the medication is over the counter. Then, be sure to fill your prescription at one of the Trust’s Custom Network Pharmacies at no cost to you!

To learn more about Tier 0 medications and for a list of Trust Custom Network Pharmacies, click here.