Make caring for yourself and your family fun this holiday season

The holidays are here, and as festive and exciting as they can be, it can be a challenge to make healthy choices or stick to a health-related goal. It can be hard to find time to take care of ourselves while working holiday shifts, entertaining out-of-town family, attending holiday events, and keeping up with our to-do lists.  That’s why, to help you prioritize yourself and maintain your healthy habits throughout the winter, we’ve put together a Healthy Holiday BINGO Challenge you can play alone, with family, or even with co-workers — encouraging each other along the way.


  1. Decide on a reward — how will you celebrate when you complete five healthy holiday actions in a row and achieve BINGO? If you are playing with other family or co-workers, can you come up with a group prize or maybe even a competition?  
  2. Give yourself some easy wins — start by removing the bingo card from this newsletter or downloading a printable PDF from the Trust website at and give yourself a star for each item you’ve already completed — like your annual flu shot or signing up for the Trust e-newsletter.
  3. Make a plan — to get BINGO you need to complete five healthy actions in a row — either down, across or diagonally. Look at the suggestions and decide what you can complete by the end of December. Some will be easy to accomplish, but others may take some planning.
  4. Share your success —  let us know if you played and how it went! Send us a note and a photo of you with your completed BINGO card and we may feature you in our next newsletter or on the website. Send an email to

With so many obligations over the holidays, setting aside time to take care of yourself can help you unwind and feel more rested, giving you more energy for all the holiday fun, shopping, and events. It’s a win win!