LiveWell Fit®

What will I receive for participating in a LiveWell Fit event?

Covered participants who have 1.) Pre-registered with the event organizer, 2.) Notified the Trust at least one week before the event, and 3.) Signed a reimbursement form at the event will receive a fee reimbursement check in the mail for up to four events per calendar year. Be sure to keep your registration receipt after registering with the event organizer. Fees are different for different events, so your reimbursement will vary.

In addition, we offer several mile marker rewards for participating. You can receive mile marker rewards as you participate in events.  After completing your first event, you will be at your first mile marker, and you will receive a LiveWell branded water bottle. Completing your second event will put you at your second mile marker and earns you a technical fabric t-shirt. Once you have completed your third event and reached your third mile marker, you’ll receive reimbursement for a fifth bonus LiveWell Fit event. Finally, when you participate in your fourth event and meet your fourth mile marker you will have the choice of receiving either a Garmin Forerunner 15 GPS Fitness Monitor, a Fitbit, an iPod Nano or reimbursement for a pair of new running/biking shoes (some limitations apply). Each calendar year, you are eligible to be reimbursed for up to four LiveWell Fit events, however, each mile marker reward is earned only once and does not start over each calendar year.

What is the Bring a Buddy program and how does it work?

If a covered Trust employee or covered spouse who has not participated in a LiveWell Fit event before registers for the same LiveWell Fit event as you as your “buddy,” you both will be entered in the Bring a Buddy raffle for the chance to win a $300 VISA gift card. You can be entered to win up to four times for bringing first time LiveWell Fit Trust participants to up to four LiveWell Fit events (you are eligible for one entry per event even if you bring multiple buddies). To be eligible you must both be registered, you must both notify the Trust a week before the event and you must both participate in the event. Please note that to be entered to win, participants must be 18 years or older.

Will my family’s fees be reimbursed for a LiveWell Fit event?

Yes, if your family member is covered under your Sound Health & Wellness Trust medical plan. Please note that a few races have age requirements. If you are unsure if your child or spouse is covered on your plan, please call the Trust’s eligibility department at (800) 225-7620 option 2 then option 2.

How can I be sure I will be reimbursed for my event registration fees?

Once you have registered for an event, and at least one week before your event, you must call the Trust office at 800-225-7620 option 2 then option 5. You must also attend and participate in the event. After filling out the reimbursement form and turning your registration fee receipt in to your Wellness Coordinator at the event, you can expect your reimbursement check in the mail in about three to four weeks.

I purchased an event T-shirt or have other expenses associated with the event, will the Trust reimburse this amount as well?

No, only event registration fees will be reimbursed by the Trust.

I forgot my receipt at home; can I still turn it in for reimbursement?

Yes, you can mail in the completed reimbursement form you received at the event from the Trust’s Wellness Coordinator with your receipt after the event.

What if I can’t make it to the event that I registered for, will I still be reimbursed?

No, you must participate in the event to be eligible for reimbursement.

I registered for an event but forgot to call the Trust office to confirm my spot. Will I be reimbursed?

No, if you do not call the Trust one week prior to the event you will not be reimbursed.

This is my first event! How should I prepare?

Getting from the couch to your first 5K (PDF) is easier than you think! The Sound Health & Wellness Trust has personal and confidential health coaches available to you at no cost, to help you create a plan and meet your exercise goals. Call to begin working with a coach today: (877) 362-9969 option 3.

How will I find the Trust Wellness Coordinator at the event?

You will receive a confirmation email 1–2 days prior to your event notifying you of the meeting location and time. Look for the Sound Health & Wellness Trust signs. The Wellness Coordinator will be the person in the lime green hat.

What if an event I’m interested in is not on the list?

Gather a group of six Plan participants from your workplace and call the Trust office at (800) 225-7620 option 2 then option 5 (at least three weeks before the event) to become a team leader and request reimbursement for your group in your chosen event.

I would like to register for more than one event, is there a limit?

We love your enthusiasm! You can be reimbursed for to up to four events per calendar year. Though once you reach three events, we’ll reimburse you for a fifth event.

I would like to put together a LiveWell Fit event team at my workplace. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely! Call the Trust at (800) 225-7620 option 2 then option 5 to be put in touch with your regional Wellness Coordinator who can help you get a team started for the LiveWell Fit. Way to lead!

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