Use these resources to help you take action for your health and health care.

Using Washington Healthplanfinder

  • Enrollment Guide – A step-by-step guide through the enrollment process with the help of a navigator.
  • Shopping Tips – How to filter, sort and compare health plans and choose the one that is right for you.
  • Essential Health Benefits – Learn more about the 10 health care services that all Qualified Health Plans must cover.
  • Understanding Plan Levels – Plans on Washington Healthplanfinder come in categories, called metal levels that differ based on how you and the plan share the costs of your care.
  • Premium Tax Credits – The health insurance premium tax credit is one of the many affordable ways you can get financial help to sign up for a plan.
  • User’s Guide to Key Terms – Easy to understand definitions of top health insurance terms.

Take Charge of Your Health

Quitting Tobacco

Choosing A Doctor or Facility

Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep

Understanding Your Condition