Learn More and Put Your Health First

StayWell Online is your online health and wellness source, where you can find the Personal Health Assessment, as well as health information, tools and resources to help you make creative, positive lifestyle changes.

What you’ll find:

  • The Family Center provides information on self-care topics such as immunizations, health issues and more.
  • Look It Up serves as a drug and nutrition guide. When you are wondering about a new prescription and its side effects, or adding a new vitamin to your diet, access important information to help you make the right decision.
  • What If you’ve made healthy lifestyle changes since taking the PHA? If you’ve lost weight, quit smoking, started exercising or made other healthy changes, this tool will help you to see the effects of your healthy changes and see how your health risks have changed.
  • Health Tools helps you create realistic goals and set reminders for preventive screenings, appointments and exercise sessions.
  • Take Action offers a collection of online guides for various health conditions. Learn about healthy cholesterol numbers, receive tips on tobacco cessation, learn stress reducing techniques and much more.